5 Ways to Create Unlimited Profits with a Holistic Business

To be both a successful business owner and a healer in spiritual growth and holistic practices, three actions are essential: Show Up. Be You. Make Money. That’s the way to move from what can become an expensive and frustrating holistic hobby to building a profitable and healthy business that serves others in the ways we intend. It often involves our own shift in mindset and investment, and it’s one of the most intensive personal and spiritual growth and development journeys we could ever enroll in. Here are some steps to create a successful and enjoyable holistic business.

Own Our Value and Worth

Typically, as healers, we over-give and undercharge, giving services for free or asking for love donations, simply hoping people will see our worth and pay us. In the spirit of service, we may believe our prices should be lower than the realistic level it takes to maintain a healthful business. Then we grow angry or resentful or just plain sad when they don’t. Asking others to set our value and worth is never profitable, plus it sends the message that we don’t value our time and services. This is the number one thing to work on to move forward to create the business and life we desire and deserve. We literally need to put that worth into dollars and cents.

Heal Our Stuff

There is as much being as doing involved in this step. When we begin to dream big dreams, set intentions and goals for ourselves and concurrently start to strive for prosperity, abundance, health, wealth and success, everything that is not in alignment with that rises up to be healed or transformed. Just when we think we’re “ready” to answer our calling and launch a new business, personal baggage gets in our way and can become an easy excuse behind which to hide lack of forward momentum in establishing a holistic business. We may have a strategy and a business plan, but if we can’t heal from our stuff, we won’t be ready to soar.

         One caution: spending too much time working on ourselves and looking to others to fix us or clear blockages or heal us becomes a very dangerous game of “spiritual escapism”. We may end up with a rich inner life while our physical life and business crumbles.

Invest In Ourselves

Coaches and healers need their own coaches, and it is an investment in self. Hiring a coach will cost money and may feel uncomfortable and inconvenient, but that’s all right. A successful business needs a strategy that is steady, yet evolving. The time, energy, resources and money we’ll waste without the knowledge, support and guidance we need will cost much more than what we pay a coach. A coach is able to look at business with an objective eye, and often with a different realm of experiences to form and guide strategy.

Monetize Our Magic

We may have the greatest gifts in the world, but until we learn how to take them into the marketplace, most of us will struggle. The universe does connect the dots; yet we must have channels open so our tribe, our clients, can find us and let us work our magic. There are plenty of proven strategies that work, and without guidance, we may want to try them all. Choose someone as a coach and mentor that has been where we are and is being, doing and having what we want to be.

Trust Ourselves and Trust Spirit

Building a successful holistic business is an evolving journey of trusting in that what we’re feeling inside and what we’re desiring is true. It is universal law that if we have a desire, a way has already been made. A desire does not show up until the supply is there, and it’s up to us as healers and practitioners to do our part to be ready to soar when the pathway appears. This means to plan, to learn, to be honest with ourselves and to recognize our worth.

         This is the secret: show up; make a decision; and take aligned action rather than just a bunch of being busy and always doing without a plan or guidance.

Michelle Barr is a coach, intuitive business strategist, healer, speaker and author. She offers a 90-Day Unlimited Profits for Intuitive Women coaching program. For more information, visit TalkWithMichelleBarr.com. See ad on page 25.


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