Constipated By Life: 5 Tips for Parents (or Anyone) to Find the Flow

Life is often like being stuck on the commode. Overwhelmed by stress, we have to learn to relax and find the flow where there is no fluidity. Here are five tips (we can learn from our kids) to release the pressures of life’s everyday squeeze.

1. Jump in the puddles:

When it rains and we feel drenched by longings, unmet desires, impossible realities and shattered dreams, we can shift our perspective and start jumping in some puddles. It just may be the water that opens us up to a new flow. Be open to the possibility of playing in the rain instead of running for cover.

2. Take a dance break:

When we are in situations that we find uncomfortable, unpleasant or just plain miserable, we can put on a favorite song and move our body. This can literally shift our frequency by changing our physiology. Perhaps all we need is a change of tune and a little booty shake.

3. Smile:

Go ahead, grab that mirror and smile at the reflected image for three minutes straight. Don’t evaluate, don’t judge and don’t start thinking about what to change. Just smile—and maybe even laugh out loud (for real, not just via text message). Infusing a little laughter and happiness into our cells can shift more than our mental state. It can slow down aging, change our mood and maybe even get rid of a wrinkle or two.

4. Throw a tantrum:

Notice how our children can rage, whine, kick and scream, and then suddenly get distracted and be happy the next minute. Kids don’t dwell. They feel how they feel and then they move on. Allowing ourselves to yell, scream, stomp around the house and really let it out will free up space in our bodies to release stored emotional baggage, which is a leading causes of disease. So have a pouting party and move on, already.

5. Embrace the unknown:

We can become a curious investigator into our inner workings and ways of operating. We may have wondered about something “interesting” that we do, like why we get triggered by certain people, situations or circumstances. “What is this telling me about myself?” we may ponder. By asking an open question, not necessarily needing an answer, we allow ourselves to open to the possibility of “seeing” beyond our current scope of reason. It is in the dark and scary space between the asking and the answering that the magic of our lives dwells.

GuruNischan Khalsa is a kundalini yoga teacher, transformational speaker and lifestyle coach. For more information, visit

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