December Back Cover Artist

Tree of Life, Pastel on Paper, 2001

A visionary painter from Berlin, Germany, Bettina Madini has been living in the U.S. since 2003, when she left a corporate career to change her life and realize a dream of being an artist. Madini studied at the Ecole d’Art Contemporain, in Luxembourg, and the National Academy School of Fine Arts, in New York City. Now living and working in the Midwest, she channels her art by manifesting energies that move through her, creating works that are cherished for their inspirational qualities.

About Tree of Life, she says: “The image came to me in 2001, during meditation. I saw the Earth and, growing from Earth, a beautiful tree, with its roots deeply grounded in and around the planet. Pink ribbons made from flowers were draped around the trunk and spiraling up toward the branches… Earth and the tree were surrounded by white light in blue space. For me, it symbolizes growth beyond everything that we know, and reverence for this beautiful, blue planet, our Earth. Here and now, miracles happen and changes take place that we didn’t even know how to dream of. All we need to do is allow our hearts to fully open for the beauty that is everywhere around us.”

Madini’s works are held in corporate and private collections in Europe and the U.S. Contact her at 608-297-9593 or [email protected], or visit her websites and online galleries at and

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