Heaven Meets Earth

A Joy-Filled Space that Nurtures Spirit

Socrates advised, “Know thyself,” and Lisa Faremouth Weber, owner of Heaven Meets Earth yoga studio, honors that wisdom, walking life’s path with intuitive purpose. Today, her tranquil studio and healing boutique support others on their inner journey, too, offering a calm and centered space where lives are enriched and spirit is nourished.

For Lisa, opening Evanston’s first green yoga studio is a dream realized, though she reached it circuitously. She was a dancer and actress while growing up in Allen Park, Michigan, and went on to graduate from Northwestern University with a degree in radio, TV, film and economics. Unfulfilled in her first corporate job, Lisa started teaching a 6 a.m. aerobics class before heading to the office. “If I woke up sick and couldn’t get into the office,” she recalls, “I still had enough energy to teach my early aerobics class. That’s when I understood what enthusiasm meant: to be infused with the Holy Spirit.”

Directed by her intuitive awareness, Lisa traded her high heels for athletic shoes and launched a new career as an international fitness and health guru, leading workshops and master classes around the globe. She added published author and video producer to her curriculum vitae, integrating her natural athletic abilities with her training in performance and media production.

When Lisa’s father suffered a massive stroke just before she got married, she entered a period of grief and tragedy, tempered with renewal. Pregnant with her first child, she was asked to substitute teach a yoga class for Suddha Weixler, Chicago’s yoga icon, at one of the health clubs where she taught aerobics. “The management knew that, as a dancer, I could lead a yoga class,” she remembers. “After teaching that class, I felt awesome—not beat up, the way I felt after teaching aerobics.”

The experience was a tipping point for Lisa, who decided to pursue yoga and trade her tennis shoes for bare feet. She took her first yoga training with David Swenson and began her journey with ashtanga yoga, still a primary love. “As a dancer, ashtanga allows my chakras to open and I feel my prana—my life force—moving and expanding,” she enthuses. Lisa continued to train with the country’s top yogis, including Rodney Yee, Baron Baptiste, Shiva Rhea, David Life, Gurmuhk, Shakta Kaur Khalsa (creator of the Radiant Child yoga program) and others. “I wanted to know as much about all the yoga systems as possible,” she explains. “It felt to me that this was my soul’s calling, to know by experience.”

While she was expanding her knowledge, Lisa’s world continued to be rocked by sorrow. Five cherished family members—her grandparents, father, brother-in-law and mother—died within five years, along with her beloved Golden Retriever, Izzy. As she worked through her grief, Lisa clung fast to her dream: opening an eco-friendly yoga studio in a residential neighborhood in Evanston, where children and families could come to practice together.

This past summer, following her heart and remembering her ancestral body of wisdom, Lisa visited Malta, where her father was born. While attending the conference, Honoring the Goddess on Malta, she learned that some believe Malta to be the tenth island of Atlantis. As she visited ancient temples on the island devoted to goddesses, Lisa came to understand that her calling is imprinted on her DNA.

Today, those who enter Heaven Meets Earth are greeted by inspirational signs lining the walls of the boutique, where specially selected clothing, locally made jewelry, floral essences, essential oils, organic candles and soothing music are invitingly arranged. A cozy sofa, draped in bright colors and plumped with soft pillows, beckons people to relax and slow down. “I see Heaven Meets Earth as a portal,” Lisa explains, “where people come to experience healing and remember who they are—the spark of Divine light on Earth. What we do here is authentic and genuine—we help people to experience joy.”

Heaven Meets Earth Family Yoga Studio and Healing Boutique, 2746 Central Street, Evanston 60201. For more information, call 847-475-1500 or visit HeavenMeetsEarthYoga.com.

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Heaven Meets Earth

Socrates advised, “Know thyself,” and Lisa Faremouth Weber, owner of Heaven Meets Earth yoga studio, honors that wisdom, walking life’s path with intuitive purpose. Today, her tranquil studio and healing boutique support others on their inner journey, too.

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