Wilkins Debuts New Meditation CD

Maggie Wilkins

Maggie Wilkins has released a groundbreaking new guided meditation CD, A Simple Breath. The recording features meditations for busy lifestyles that may be completed in less than five minutes. “All it requires is a few minutes to become centered before any business interaction and your potential will increase,” says Wilkins, who owns Evanston’s One-Heart Center. “The effect is immediate. You will shift your energy and effortlessly transform what would be an acceptable experience into an exceptional result.”

Wilkins has been sharing this life-changing meditation technique with workshop participants as a tool to awaken to one’s True Self. The CD allows listeners to experience the beauty of stillness and the power of conscious breath that Wilkins first learned from her personal mentor, Eckhart Tolle.A Simple Breath Meditation CD

Some of the simple, yet profound meditations on A Simple Breath are performed with open eyes. The longer meditations are performed with eyes closed and allow a deeper experience that creates a long-term shift. The CD awakens individuals to the stillness within and helps them begin to spontaneously respond to life situations with the infinite wisdom that can only be found in the NOW.

A Simple Breath may be ordered from One-Heart.net/Products.html and is available at select local retail stores. For more information email [email protected].

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