Letter from Publisher

Peggy Malecki

As I reflected upon the year before I sat down to write my letter this month, it just seems that norms have changed in how many people choose to publicly interact with each other. Or maybe what was happening, but more hidden, now seems “normal” through endless news and social media repetition. In any case, this erosion of respect is changing our communities and interpersonal relationships. Ideological differences and big money often push aside compassion, compromise and a seven-generation view of the Earth, and decisions that affect us all often appear beyond our individual control. The pursuit of the monetary bottom line over creativity and education affects our society’s ability to retain empathy and understanding for people and planet.

It’s a complicated and conflicted world in which we live, and yet global peace is still our age-old collective dream. The phrase, “Let peace begin with me,” bears repeating, as its underlying presence in our conscious daily actions is needed now more than ever. As the holidays are again here, with all the joys and experiences of this season of giving and love, it’s an ideal time to reconnect with a personal goal of helping to bring peace.

Find peace, make peace and keep peace. Do whatever you can to end violence and distrust, not just in our communities, but in our own thoughts, hearts and actions. In your emails and your social media interactions with others and in what you choose to watch, as well as those outlets you consciously choose to avoid, make peace and compassion and show respect for all beings your daily intent. I ask you to extend a conscious respect to all with which we share this planet, from backyard insects to farm animals, wild creatures and the lands and waters in which they’ve lived for millennia. Share your message of peace and compassion with others.

We need each and everyone one of us together to build collective peace, love and unity—this is a grassroots action in which we can all become active every day. No phrase always rings truer than the traditional message of the season: “On Earth, peace, and goodwill to all.”

From everyone here in our Natural Awakenings Chicago family to you and those you hold dear, we wish every joy this holiday season. May you find the opportunities to celebrate and find inspiration in the little pleasures of the season; moments of blissful inner stillness; comfort from suffering; and be surrounded by love and kindness.

Happy holidays! And many blessings for love and success in the new year.


A heritage of vision was given to us all

To smell the rose’s fragrance

To hear the songbirds’s call

To watch the distant moonlight fill

The coming of the tides

To understand that life is more

Than always choosing sides.


~ Joe Henry (Children of the Universe)

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Letter from Publisher

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Letter from Publisher

As I reflected upon the year before I sat down to write my letter this month, it just seems that norms have changed in how many people choose to publicly interact with each other.

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