Try Body Frequency Balancing and Adverse Energy Clearing

Radionics Balancing offers a proven technique to accelerate healing treatments for many physical and mental illnesses. It uses radionics technology and the broadcasting of beneficial energy frequencies to the body, pets, plants or even the house; anywhere on Earth. Subjects can be treated from the comfort of home without coming to the office.

Adverse energies from the Earth (Geopathic Stress) like energy fields, ghosts, spirits, attachments, human or thought-manifested forms, vows, place memories, curses, spells, psychic attacks, elementals, and more; can be cleared or removed from any environment with Geomancy.

Owner Alex Puentes states, “My wife, Carolina, and I are vegetarians. We believe in being kind and loving to the Earth and those that inhabit it. During this current life, we’ve been surrounded by healers of different branches of alternative medicine; friends with paranormal abilities, homeopathic healers and allopathic doctors. Even though we have our own abilities, we had always kept them to ourselves, family and very close friends. But some years ago, we were encouraged to share our knowledge and help others.”


For more information, call 773-266-8222, email or visit


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