Energee Expo in Wauconda

A one-day Energee Expo to support the fitness of mind, body and spirit will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., March 10, at the Energee Center, also home to The Chapel of New Thought.

Meet healers and practitioners, and learn how their work can support you in your discovery. The center offers programs and classes for total fitness, health, balance and prosperity. Angel readings, yoga, essential oils, numerology, a crystal light bed, Reiki for people and animals, iridology for wellness and custom energy field upgrades are just some of the modalities featured at the event. Vendors are encouraged to inquire about participating in this expo.

Reverend Patty Pipia will spiritually inspire you or communicate with your loved ones on the other side. Patty Dunn, a Reiki master who works with people and animals, will talk to you about healing your animals with energy, as well as using pendulums. Gabrielle Castrejon, a naturopath and herbalist, will be holding short iridology consultations.

Vickie Laureys, of Vickie’s Salon & Spa, will be giving treatments to help you feel more balanced and joyful. You can also choose to experience a pick-me-up with a tuning fork session.

Cost is $2, including raffle ticket. Deadline for vendors is Feb. 15. Location: 349 S. Barrington Rd., Wauconda. For more information and to register, email [email protected].

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One of the most dramatic discoveries in science over the past decade has been the understanding of how early experiences and environmental factors shape the expression of how, where and when genes function to build the brain.