Letter from Publisher

Peggy Malecki

A few months ago, I discovered a catchy song by Jason Mraz that starts with a crowing rooster and a simple little “Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-do-do-do.” Fun. And then I heard the first couple of verses and the lyrics rang true.

Whenever my head starts to hurt / Before it goes from bad to feeling worse / I turn off my phone / I get down low / And put my hands in the dirt

I try to stop the world from moving so fast / Try to get a grip on where I’m at / and simplify / This dizzy life / And put my feet in the grass

I’m going back to the Earth / I’m going back to the Earth / I’m going back to work / I’m going back to the Earth *

       What I like so much about this song, other than it’s a fun tune, is that it’s about unplugging, clearing our heads and getting back to what’s real, instead of constant deadlines, worries and Bluetooth-induced stress and alternate realities. As someone who’s online and on the phone a lot every day, the simple and focused practice of yanking a few garden weeds, taking a walk, eating an apple outside instead of at my desk or even watering houseplants are all part of a daily routine that helps clean out some of the mental accumulation of information overload.

       Seemingly unavoidable physical “toxic overload” is rampant, and we see its effects every day in our health and relationships, and that of our friends and family. It’s not only the chemicals we breathe, touch and ingest in everything from personal care and household products to carpeting and clothing, it’s the asphalt residue and lawn chemicals our pets track into the house, air pollution, hidden toxins in our food (organic or conventional) and more.

       Trying on a daily basis to get a handle on our world and deal with the constant barrage of information, 24/7 schedules, political partisanship, social injustices, world events, climate change, family pressures, earning a living, etc., leads to mental and emotional overload. And so does chasing and trying to keep up with the latest trends (which can include dietary fads, electronic gear or our Facebook feed). It all adds up and can be overwhelming and toxic to our health.

       Pick a couple of areas to detox in your life and get started. This month, we bring you several articles with a focus on how to do just that—physically and mentally—ways to help our bodies eliminate toxins, ideas to have more fun and forget about our smartphones for a while, recipes to enjoy the amazing summer berries hitting the markets and a lot more. Hey, we even take a look at detoxing our pets.

       We hope you’ll enjoy this issue of Natural Awakenings Chicago and try out some of the ideas our authors present. And if you have other thoughts and suggestions for ways to detox physically, mentally or emotionally, please drop us a note at Editor@NAChicagoNorth.com.

            Wishing you happy summer days and a safe July Fourth celebration.

Peggy Malecki

* If you listen to the Sunday edition of The Mike Nowak Show from 9 to 11 a.m. on AM1590 WCGO, you’ll hear this as the hour-two lead-in music.


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