Try This Five-Step, Five-Minute Meditation

Embrace your within, now.


1.  Attention: Become aware of your ability to move your attention where you choose.

2.  Breath: Notice your breath. Try counting 10 conscious breaths. The gateway to infinite possibilities is transforming pain into pleasure.

3.   Experience: Become aware of putting your full attention on the energy of the emotion in your body, whether it is labeled as anger or sadness. Simply feel, with no story. Notice how anger becomes energy and sadness becomes a vibration.

4.   Release: Allow your breath to gather these feelings or energies and release them. Feel how the energies become lighter on your exhale.

5.   Be still: Observe the body moving back to a natural state of being in peace, love and joy.


Click here for more information:  Five-Minute Meditation

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Five-Minute Meditation

Meditation can be done anywhere and anytime for a mental refocus. All that is needed is our conscious attention and our breath, the two most powerful tools we have and can use anywhere at any time.

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