Letter from The Publisher

Peggy Malecki

Each year, I anticipate the calm, sunny mornings in May when I can finally have the windows open and wake to the sounds of spring birdsong. There’s something so magical about stepping out the door and being enveloped by the layered sounds of countless birds singing their spring songs.

May is the busiest month of spring migration and the time for the glorious chorus at dawn and then again just before dusk. As the month unfolds, all of our familiar summer birds will be back, the avian winter guests will head to their summer homes and we’ll be treated to the trills of the colorful warblers and other songbirds as they pass through the Chicago area on their way north. Whether you live in the city, suburbs or a more rural area, nature’s chorus is to be savored.

As the transitional month between our winter and summer activities, May’s calendar can fill up quickly. Suddenly everything seems to be happening at once, and often on the same evening or weekend. As we rush to  get it all done and our stress builds, it’s not always easy to stay in the moment and notice the wonders of spring.

This month in Natural Awakenings, as we celebrate May with a focus on women’s wellness, the evolution of personalized health care and natural health solutions, we’ve also included some ideas for living a little more in the present. In our Wise Words department, Linda Sechrist talks with motivational speaker Lisa Nichols about her energizing, holistic approach to finding balance and creating an abundant life. Local writer and life strategist Sheree Nathanson offers us tips to stay grounded and present as the school year ends. For the foodies among us, Janie Maxwell presents a recipe to appreciate the May flavors of garlic scapes and asparagus. And, if you’re looking to plan a quick summer getaway, Lisa Kivirist and John Ivanko explore the local and sustainable food community in Door County, Wisconsin.

Before summer is upon us, I encourage you to take in all the wonders that May has to offer. Take a walk in the rain, stop to admire the flowers and grasses, sit in the sun and savor this amazing month. Roll down the window to feel the warm breeze. And, of course, find a few May mornings to rise a little early, pour your morning beverage and step outside to greet the birds.

Here’s to a glorious and healthful May!



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Letter from The Publisher

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Letter from The Publisher

Once upon a time, several work lives ago, I visited a small Asian restaurant in Toronto named something akin to Tiger Lily, located close to downtown on a street with a lot of other small shops and places to grab a quick dinner.

Letter from The Publisher

Once upon a time, several work lives ago, I visited a small Asian restaurant in Toronto named something akin to Tiger Lily, located close to downtown on a street with a lot of other small shops and places to grab a quick dinner.

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