Create Your Sacred Space

Feeling grounded, really connected, to a sense of place, isn’t easy for most of us. We’re too busy rushing from point A to point B to find the time to eat, let alone sit still and take notice of our surroundings. Some of us don’t know where to begin to learn how to pause, or even ask the right questions.

Jill Angelo’s new book, Sacred Space, may help. “This little book can help change the world,” says internationally renowned spiritual writer Marianne Williamson. While the assertion may be lofty, it’s not impossible. Angelo packs a lot of fodder in which to create a personal sanctuary within the 100 pages of Sacred Space. Unlike self-help books that tell you how to achieve health, happiness or whatever it is you’re seeking, Sacred Space lets you experience the process so you can develop your own authentic sacred space which, in turn, helps those around you, too.

“There is no right or wrong way to create your own sacred space,” says Angelo, who includes a journaling activity and checklist of things you can apply today, based on that chapter’s teachings. The book begins with five chapters on learning more about ourselves by using senses such sight, smell, sound and touch. The second half of the book invites us to consider how we see ourselves within our space.

In one example, Angelo discusses how she collects stones from her travels as a way to feel more grounded to nature. “Having them distributed throughout my home keeps a central grounded energetic force that always seems to calm me even on the most chaotic day,” she writes in the chapter on nature and how to incorporate elements of nature into our homes.

“Everyone has some part of nature they feel a connection to, whether it is water, sand or wood,” she says. “What element of nature grounds you?” she asks her readers. “Surround yourself with beautiful things that speak to you in a way that brings positive memories every time you see them.”

Some readers may read through the book in one sitting, while others may pause between chapters to put things into action before embarking on the next phase. Angelo reminds readers that there is no right or wrong way to approach how one creates their sacred space as long as they keep referring to the guidelines in the book as a resource.

“Just like the journaling recommendation, start with one word, then add a sentence, then add two sentences, and then a paragraph,” she says. “It’s all about making the commitment and taking your time. It’s your sacred space, after all.”

Jill Angelo lives in Brookfield, and Sacred Space is her first book. Sacred Space can be ordered online via

Megy Karydes is constantly working on creating her sacred space. In the meantime, find her at

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