Letter from Publisher

Peggy Malecki

Time flies, and can you believe next month’s issue starts our eighth year of publishing? Our team has published 84 issues of Natural Awakenings Chicago since launching in October 2010. That first issue featured 350.org’s Bill McKibben on the cover, just one of the many sustainability and wellness movers and shakers (both local and national) we’ve featured since then.

Since starting on this journey, I’ve been blessed to meet thousands of incredible people across our community—passionate and gifted wellness practitioners of so many modalities, inspiring teachers and speakers with every expertise imaginable, dedicated life and wellness coaches, talented chefs, sustainability experts, gardeners and horticulturists, authors, community organizers, monarch experts, dedicated local business owners and too many others to list.

We’ve participated in a wide array of expos, trade shows, galas and fundraisers, new business launches, advocacy events and other gatherings, meeting and talking—listening and learning—with groups and like-minded folks sharing a purpose and a cause. I’m honored and humbled to continue to serve your interests and help build a Chicagoland community that’s dedicated to caring for our neighbors, our families and selves, the natural world and this planet we call home.

As we explore the concept of “graceful aging” in this issue, take some time each day to define and explore some of your own opportunities. What can you do to spark your creativity or explore a new side of yourself? Look for an inspiring class, a website about iPhone photography, a pottery workshop, a YouTube guitar series, a meet-up or library group, perhaps an art exhibit, an adult dance class or some other learning experience you’ve never tried before.

Whether you’re just starting out, finding your voice and redefining your life’s direction, or if you’ve been at this for awhile and are a seasoned explorer in creativity and self-expression, I hope you’ll take some time to think about the steps you can take to learn something new from the wonderful people that enrich your daily life, whether friends and relatives, the stranger you meet in the grocery line or a passing conversation while waiting for the Metra.

It’s been a fun summer of festivals and expos, and this month is no exception! We’ll be at Vegan Mania at the Broadway Armory on September 23 and the SCARCE Green Fair at DuPage County Fairgrounds on September 30, so stop by and say hi. Please refer to the news briefs, ads and calendar section for more details about everything going on in our community this month, from wellness talks to farm strolls and green fairs—and something for almost everyone.

Happy September, Happy Equinox! Savor the lingering of summer for another month!



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Letter from Publisher

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Letter from Publisher

Time flies, and can you believe next month’s issue starts our eighth year of publishing?

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