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Healy Provides Healing Vibrations

Natural Remedee Health Solutions, in Schaumburg, is now offering Healy. This small, portable, wearable device delivers frequencies to analyze our bioenergetic field and users may choose the frequencies they need. Remote sessions are available or customers may purchase the device.

Frequencies work in the same way as homeopathic remedies—by resonance. Equal and opposite waves cancel each other out. There must be a near perfect match between the resonant frequency of the physical, emotional or mental issue and the resonant frequency being applies in frequencies ranging from two to 10 megahertz.

Healy can scan the body in real time and determine where it needs support. Then users simply program and deliver the frequencies into the body to help regenerate at the cellular level. It can be run from an app on a smartphone or iPad for anti-aging, skin, beauty, hair, nails, and skin elasticity, detoxification, supporting organ systems, immune system support, chronic pain, protection from 5G, eliminating pathogens and bacteria, sleep, fitness, mental balance, bioenergetic balance and strengthening, anxiety, learning, concentration, brain health, chakras and meridians. Future applications are expected to include stem cells, weight loss, frequencies for pets and PTSD.

For more information, call Dee Bayro at 630-309-3409 or visit Mention Natural Awakenings for a complimentary remote session.