Changing Genes with Diet

With nutrition, we can change our genetic behavior. Familiar explanations such as, “Everyone has diabetes and heart problems in my family; it’s genetic,” or “Everyone in my family has bad teeth,” are getting a fresh look from researchers that shows environment and nutrition can influence or even change our genes.

A unique breed of Agouti mice are known to be fat, be of a yellow color and live a shorter life, due to heart disease, cancer and diabetes, than other mice. When Agouti mice are given a methyl-rich diet of choline, folic acid, betaine and vitamin B12 before conception and during the mother’s pregnancy, the offspring are brown, thin and healthy, with a longer lifespan. This research is illustrating that a mother’s proper nutrition during pregnancy can also affect the oral health of her child for life.

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Changing Genes with Diet

Researchers are discovering that environment and nutrition can influence or even change our genes.

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