Excellence RULES! Accept Nothing Less

There is a tendency for small business owners and entrepreneurs to unconsciously accept mediocrity in their businesses, and it’s costing them money and clients. We don’t do it on purpose, but we often settle for it by not being clear about the true value of our own business.

There are two areas in a business where we cannot afford to accept or tolerate mediocrity. Number one is our employees, and number two is our vendors. The way that mediocrity in our own business delivery will hurt our relationship with our customers is the same way that mediocrity will hurt our bottom line. We must keep this in mind at all times; mediocrity is simply not a fan of big thinkers, big dreamers or big plans.


Say “NO” to mediocre employees

If we aren’t going to be providing mediocre services, we shouldn’t be accepting mediocre performance from our employees. Period. There are always going to be employees that may not be on board with new plans, new visions and new objectives, but that’s okay and shouldn’t affect how they do their jobs. It’s the owner’s business. Disagreements in vision should never lead to poor performance.


Say “NO” to mediocre vendors

Whether our business is that of a sole proprietor or includes 10 people, or even 100, we use many vendors, such as an online service, a business down the street or a big national company, and those suppliers must all be held to the same standards of service we provide to our own customers; anything less than that is simply unacceptable. As a business owner, we work hard for our money—every dollar, every thank-you, every customer, every smile and every everything, so we should not spend money with a vendor that doesn’t treat us in a similar way.

There are times when an entrepreneur may be willing to tolerate mediocrity because of the limiting mental view they have of their own business, “We’re only one person,” or “we are not as big as their other clients” or that “we are only spending $50 with this vendor”.

Just cut that stuff out; it’s actually simple to think bigger of ourselves and our businesses. Our money is green, and it is just as good as any other customer’s that vendor has. We deserve the same attention, respect and dedication from a supplier, and if they don’t think so, then it’s time to find new vendors.

Say “NO” to personal mediocrity

Whatever we do, facing customers or facing employees, we can’t be half-baked. Give it 100 percent, every day, no matter how we feel. Be clear. Have good intentions for every move and every choice. That’s just the beginning of big-thinking business success; we must do exactly what we say we will, when and where we promised. It’s really very basic: prepare, and then show up with every bit of awesomeness that we ourselves, our employees and our customers deserve.


Tiffany Largie is a coast-to-coast sales strategist. By the age of 30, she built three, six-figure businesses, and the last went from zero to $2 million in sales in under four years, starting with no money, no capital and no magic formula. For more information, call 917-746-4546 or visit TiffanyLargie.com. Receive complimentary business tips at TiffanyLargie.com/3-things.











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