Raden Wellness Center Expands Services

Raden Wellness Center, in Highwood, a functional medicine-based, integrative treatment center for patients of all ages, is expanding their services. Now patients can receive functional nutrition and peptide therapy, comprehensive specialized testing, integrative pediatrics, precision medicine, integrative psychiatry, customized IV nutrition, IV ketamine and ozone.

       Co-owner and clinical director Mara Raden, Pharm.D., says, “We started Raden Wellness in efforts to offer patients a very different approach to conventional medical practices.”

       “Our innovative use of laboratory assessments helps us to determine the cause of your condition and then develop an effective, individualized treatment so that life can begin again,” says Donald Raden, M.D., co-owner and clinical director.

       Raden focuses on a variety of IV therapies because oral absorption of vitamins and minerals only yields about 20 percent effectiveness; IV administration allows for 100 percent absorption to help patients feel better, faster. The IV center is fully staffed by highly trained registered nurses.

       Conditions treated include migraines, chronic Lyme, autoimmune conditions, digestive issues, mold/metal toxicity, mood, depression and anxiety, autism, OCD, PTSD and more.

Location: 200 Green Bay Rd., 2nd Flr., Highwood. For more information or to make an appointment, call 847-964-0326 or visit Raden Wellness and Raden IV Center on Facebook.


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