East Meets West at New Evolution Bodywork Location

Jessica Nowak

After years of providing personal training and health services in people’s homes, Jessica Nowak’s Evolution Bodywork is transitioning into a studio space within F.I.T. Boutique, located at 448 Lake Cook Road, in Deerfield, on September 3. Nowak believes in blending Eastern philosophies with Western practices for optimal health of the body, mind and soul.

       Nowak began her career more than 15 years ago as a personal trainer and yoga instructor, and currently holds multiple certifications in several disciplines, including personal training, yoga, Pilates, corrective exercise, Thai bodywork, reiki, trauma recovery yoga, Krav Maga and weight loss.

       Evolution Bodywork will continue to offer the wide variety of options it did in-home on a one-on-one and partner basis, with the addition of a Pilates Reformer for private sessions, as well as full access to the fitness machines and equipment within F.I.T. Boutique for personal training and rehabilitation clients. All services are offered as one flat rate per session per hour.

For appointments and more information, call 847-334-1133, email [email protected] or visit Evolution-Bodywork.com.



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