When Achieving Wellness Goals is a Priority

Dr. Meena Malhotra

Dr. Meena Malhotra, MD, ABIM, ABOM is the lead medical doctor at Heal n Cure, in Northbrook, and a nationally known speaker and wellness expert. She hosts a free, life-changing seminar weekly that focuses on the connections between stress, hormones, belly fat and health.

       Malhotra is board certified in internal medicine, certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine since 2010 and was among the first 15 physicians in Illinois to be board certified for non-surgical treatment of all causes and negative health effects of weight gain. She is considered the “doctor’s doctor”, with many physicians and their spouses among her patients.

       Malhotra says, “Inspire, our personalized Core Wellness Program, is designed to be the last wellness program you will ever need. If you are looking for a completely different approach to medicine with proven results—this is it!”

       Heal n Cure specializes in medical family wellness, including autoimmunity issues, weight loss, hormone balancing, diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and anti-aging, using integrative and functional medicine. Malhotra finds and ultimately resolves the root cause of medical conditions and chronic disease achieving outstanding and lasting results for her patients, many of which had almost given up on their wellness goals. They accept PPO insurance and Medicare for covered services.


Seminar admission: free. For dates and times, and to reserve a seat, call 847-665-9877 or visit HealNCure.com/rsvp. Visit HealNCure.com/success for additional information.



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