Happy Leaf LED Wins 2017 Green Thumb Award

Oregon, Illinois, company Happy Leaf has won the Direct Gardening Association 2017 Green Thumb Award for the V2 LED grow light, which is ideal for both home gardeners and commercial-grade growers. Uses include seed starting, indoor growing, overwintering of tropicals and herbs, hydroponics and more, with a low entry cost (just over $100) compared to other LED systems on the market.

        Not all LEDs lights are created equal. Happy Leaf uses OSRAM LEDs, which distinguish them from other low-cost grow lights. The USA-made V2 light is five times more powerful than a T5 fluorescent grow light bulb, which is good to start seeds, but doesn’t adequately support vigorous plant growth. The V2 light is an all-purpose LED with precisely tuned red and blue spectrums that allows the full range of plant growth throughout its lifecycle.

        The light comes with a programmable timer and a free passive hydroponic starter kit so gardeners can get started with this simple, low-maintenance gardening method.

        The Green Thumb Awards recognize outstanding new garden products available by mail or online. The Direct Gardening Association is the world’s largest nonprofit association of companies that sell garden products directly to consumers. Happy Leaf offers LED light systems, start-up kits and accessories direct to the home gardener on its website.


For more information, call 815-414-2209, email info@HappyLeafLED.com or visit HappyLeafLED.com. See ad on page 41.


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