New Chicago Healing Center Offers Wide Range of Modalities

Dr. Leslie Smith, M.D., MS, MA

Dr. Leslie Smith, M.D., MS, MA, a physician, certified acupuncturist and traditional Asian medicine practitioner, has opened the Chicago Healing Center at 4753 North Broadway, Suite 810. As a physician, Smith incorporates manual therapies, lasers, osteopathic manipulation, medical herbs and dietary modifications into her allopathic and Eastern medical training to achieve optimal, individualized results.

Smith says she dreamed of creating a multidisciplinary center from the time she left her surgical residency in 2009 following a repetitive stress injury. During her recovery, she became fascinated with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and attended medical school a second time for advanced training in TCM, and studied acupuncture at Harvard Medical School and the Pacific School of Oriental Medicine, in Chicago.

Additional practitioners at the Center include Christopher Raley LCSW, CADC; Sheila Peterson, a health and lifestyle coach; Cat Dughi Fritz, a Reiki practitioner and shaman; Robert Piper, a tai chi master and qigong expert; naprapath Jerry Osmialowski, ND; and Brent Garcia, CMTPT, MT, a massage therapist.

“What I see currently is that patients have limited access to information about all of the options—allopathic, complementary and alternative—that can be used to treat their concerns and health issues,” says Smith. “My plan is to create a medical home for patients in which they feel comfortable talking to their practitioners about all of their needs, rather than just one per appointment, and about all of their options, rather than just pharmaceuticals and surgical intervention or just alternative modalities.”

For more information, call 773-609-3520 or visit

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