Late Winter Apple Recipes From a Farm Kitchen

Photo courtesy of Prairie Wind Family Farm

"We specialize in growing certified organic vegetables and partner with farmers who align with our values to offer additional farm fresh foods. Mick Klug Farm, a longtime partner providing fruit for our fruit shares, makes nothing-but-apples cider from their apple seconds. Winter is a perfect season to enjoy this preserved taste of fall. These are some of my favorite apple cider recipes,” says Jen Miller, of Prairie Wind Family Farm, in Grayslake.




Apple Cider Mimosas

Yields: 1 serving

¼ glass apple cider

¾ glass with remainder of glass with  prosecco or brut champagne

Decorate with dried apple chip




Late Winter Coleslaw with Cider Vinaigrette

Yields: 6 servings

¼ cup olive oil

¼ cup apple cider vinegar

2 Tbsp lemon

1 Tbsp apple cider

2 Tbsp Dijon mustard

2 Tbsp chopped, dried dill

1 garlic clove, minced

1 tsp celery salt

½ tsp freshly ground pepper

8 cups (packed) shredded green and/or red cabbage

2 cups (packed) shredded carrots

Whisk first nine ingredients in medium bowl to blend. Taste and add additional salt and pepper to taste.

Toss cabbage and carrots in large bowl with enough dressing to coat.

Season to taste with salt and pepper. (Coleslaw is best prepared ahead, refrigerate up to four hours.) Serve cold or at room temperature.


Cider-Glazed Winter Squash

Yields: 4 servings as a side dish

2 acorn squash

Salt and pepper to taste

1 Tbsp olive oil

2 cups apple cider

4 Tbsp butter

Freshly ground pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Lightly grease an eight-by-eight-inch baking dish.

Halve squash, and remove pith and seeds. Brush with olive oil. Season squash with salt and pepper and place cut side-down in baking dish, and two tablespoons water.

Bake for 40 minutes. While squash cooks, reduce cider in saucepan over medium heat. When cider has reduced to nearly ½ cup, stir in butter.

Remove squash after 40 minutes and flip halves so cut side is now up. Brush cut areas with cider mixture and pour the rest evenly over squash.

Bake additional 20 minutes or until fork tender.


Recipe courtesy of Jen Miller, of Prairie Wind Family Farm, which grows a wide variety of certified organic vegetables and pasture-raised hens for eggs and provides fresh fruit to CSA members, delivered to north and western suburban locations. Spring shares start in April. For more information and to sign up for this year’s harvest, visit



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Late Winter Apple Recipes From a Farm Kitchen

Winter is a perfect season to enjoy this preserved taste of fall. These are some of my favorite apple cider recipes.

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