Kids Have Fun Getting Dirty and Learning About Plants

The Edible Gardens at the Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago’s hands-on garden for kids, is offering monthly workshops to teach parents how to garden with their kids as part of their 10th anniversary celebration. This year’s theme is the Columbian Exchange, or the transfer of plants, animals and people that took place between the Old World and the New World following the voyages of Christopher Columbus.

The Edible Gardens were designed and built by Jeanne Nolan, one of the city’s leading gardening gurus. As the founder of The Organic Gardener, Ltd., Nolan has designed and cultivated more than 650 farms and food gardens in and around Chicago—in parks and school yards, on restaurant rooftops, townhouse terraces and suburban estates, even in the mayor’s backyard.

Sponsored by the Green City Market and the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Edible Gardens comprise 5,000 square feet of organically grown vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains and flowers. Last year, more than 25,000 parents and kids sowed seeds, pulled weeds, watered plants and harvested fresh produce.

Location: 2001 N. Clark St., Chicago. For more information, call 847-830-0093 or visit and

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