Balancing the Triangle of Health

Limiting Beliefs Can Impede Personal Growth

Eunice Deane

Chicago Chiropractic Physician Eunice Deane, in her concept of the Triangle of Health, considers the key to a healthy mind, body and spirit to be balance. Deane graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in 1998 and has extensive postdoctoral training in applied kinesiology, acupuncture, chiropractic internal medicine, chiropractic neurology and brain-based, brain-balancing therapy.

She feels balance is key; structure, emotions and biochemistry must all work together in perfect harmony. “Any component deleted can tip the triangle and set it off balance, and that can be caused by limiting beliefs that work against you and keep you from attaining success,” says Deane. Natural Awakenings spoke with her about the limiting beliefs that inhibit people from reaching their full potential and how this can be overcome.

What are some examples of limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are thoughts that restrain people from moving forward, whether it’s making a major decision or even a small one. Some of these include the ideas, “I am/I am not,” “I can/I can’t,” “I must/I must not” or “Others are/I’m not.” People also become immobilized by thoughts of not being enough or having enough or not deserving success. Thoughts like these stop the action.

What role do our emotions play?

In Chinese medicine, each meridian is associated with certain emotions and muscles. For example, anger, rage and frustration are stored in the shoulders, and result in shoulder tension. Headaches are on the side of the head. This is a big sign that the emotional and spiritual energy is off. There has to be a balance in energy. Too much is just as bad as too little.

When emotions are unresolved, negative energy is stored in those muscles. In effect, it’s as if there is a flashing light of energy attracting more of the same of that imbalance. The goal is to be neutral; to be objective, in a state of balance. Balance brings clarity. Treating limiting beliefs neutralizes the charge on unprocessed emotions, thus bringing clarity to decision making and balancing life processes.

Clients can learn to neutralize their reactions to certain emotional triggers. If they are able to let go of their emotional associations, then when the same issue comes up again, they won’t have the same reaction.

Where do these limiting beliefs come from?

Limiting beliefs come from past experiences or the belief system a client was raised with over the course of their life. Everyone has a choice of accepting or rejecting these beliefs. Either the body can process out the limiting beliefs or the remaining issues need to be addressed.

How does that process work?

To begin the process, the client completes a questionnaire to determine which limiting beliefs are in play and keeping them from reaching their goals and total health. Some of these questions ask about recurring thoughts of failure, self-imposed rules that come to life whenever they think about pursuing a dream and what cultural beliefs are holding them back. Then, a muscle test determines how they respond to certain cues. Is the body strong or is the body incongruent? This will help determine the issues that need to be changed. The limiting beliefs are then analyzed and they move on from there.

What can people do to overcome these self-perceptions?

How someone thinks about their condition is directly related to how they’re going to heal. For example, they might not be happy about their autoimmune condition, but if they can say they unconditionally accept it to be neutral, they are more likely to be able to move forward. You have the power to change your emotions. Clients are most able to heal when they practice forgiveness and unconditional love.

What are some of the steps towards empowerment?

The healing process can take place over a lifetime, meaning that when the emotional situation is triggered, the client learns a different way to respond, to overcome limiting beliefs and to heal.

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Mira Temkin is a freelance writer based in Highland Park. Email her at

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