New Functional Medicine Practice in Glenview

Dr. Fatima Vilich

Dr. Fatima Vilich, a medical doctor since 1982, certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine, a pediatric anesthesiologist and associate professor of anesthesiology, has opened a new practice at 2700 Patriot Boulevard, Suite 250, in Glenview, specializing in pain management, finding out why a patients have chronic diseases and helping them heal. She is looking for clients that are committed to regaining their health and willing to make lifestyle changes to do so.

Vilich states, “I myself suffered chronic pain, and when conventional medicine could not heal me, I found a cure through functional medicine. Now I am excited to be able to help many others regain their vibrant health, feel young, sharp and sexy. I will spend an hour or an hour-and-a-half to make a customized plan. I look at people as a whole; I do not just treat symptoms. Functional medicine specialists take a comprehensive history and use sophisticated laboratory tests, apply the most recent evidence-based science and use nutrition, supplements and conventional modalities where indicated.”

Vilich’s goal is to optimize the health of her patients by relieving pain, decreasing inflammation, stabilizing hormones, improving energy and much more. This leads to an improved quality of living, vibrant health and longevity.

For appointments, call 847-919-8651. For more information, email or visit

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