Goldberg Helps Personal Growth by Clearing Negative Energies

Self-described serial entrepreneur Marla Levitt Goldberg has dabbled in bakeries, real estate and even a pet taxi service, but during a period of personal growth in 2003, a friend introduced her to Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and she realized she had a gift for helping people. She attended classes at the Inner Focus Mystery School and in 2014 started Insightful Energy Therapy to reach people all over the country. “I work with individuals to clear their blocks and interferences that have compounded in this lifetime, in past lifetimes and even to clear future lifetimes,” says Goldberg.

In addition to SRT, Goldberg also specializes in inner child healing, clearing property, brain restructuring, spiritual restructuring and life coaching. The basis of her work comes from her belief that we are all spiritual beings encountering this life in human form. “Understanding the lessons and the challenges we are working on enables the growth of our soul. Sometimes the process is painful. We compile both positive and negative energies from the essence of the soul’s creation. These energies share our journey at every new formation,” says Goldberg.  

Marla Levitt Goldberg

She focuses on clearing out negative energies and imprints that may come from an ex-spouse, a childhood friend or even experiencing road rage. Once that negativity is removed, her clients are more able to fully experience a joyful life. Clients often come to Goldberg when they are experiencing a personal or professional standstill to work through that block. By having negative energies and imprints cleared out, they become more capable, efficient and productive.                                                                                             

Goldberg also focuses on getting her clients to radiate positive energy. “When you’re happy and feeling emotionally strong, your vibration levels are higher. It’s hard for negative energies to penetrate that. But when you’re sad, tired or worn down, it’s easier to crack through. There are a lot of negative Earthbound souls that hang out at places such as bars, casinos, cemeteries and restaurants. They latch onto you and drain your energy,” she says. When that negative energy is cleared away, clients feel more flow, have more awareness and more ability to harness positive thoughts.

Goldberg is currently in the final stages of being certified as an intuitive life coach, so she can help people gain access to their own life power by making purposeful choices. This could include a career change or fostering a better relationship with a sibling. “Everybody should have something in their life that makes their heart sing, whether that is their employment or a hobby. I guide them to find what is important and meaningful to them,” she says.


For more information, call 847-984-0440 or visit

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