Laser De-Stress Sessions with Sarah Karnes

Sarah Karnes

Photo Credit Martha Abelson

Sarah Karnes is a life changes coach and Midwest coordinator for the Way of the Heart trainings in Chicago who helps her clients reclaim their energy and change their world. She is offering Laser De-stress sessions from 12:30 to 3 p.m., November 10, and 4 to 5:30 p.m., November 25, at Inner Balance, in Northbrook.

      “This is a mini-session of energy work from the Way of the Heart integration process, which honors where you are and releases emotional and mental obstacles so you can move more easily toward where you want to be. It will ease emotional imprints, shift mindset and give clients a compassionate and empowering attitude adjustment,” says Karnes. Participants will quickly transform old fears, beliefs and patterns to access the freedom, strength and confidence to make the changes they really want.

      Daniel Goodenough, author of Caravan of Remembering, a Road Map for Experiencing the Awakening of Your Life Mission, will be conducting The Way of the Heart training sessions on February 15, 16, 17, 22, 23 and 24, 2019, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in Northbrook.

Cost is $15 for 15 minutes. Location: 350 Pfingsten Rd., Northbrook; Preregister (required) at For more information, call 262-745-8362.  



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