Energize Your Body with CHI

Energy is all around us, stimulating us from all directions. Capture a fresh form of energy in a new way with a new group—Chicago Connection for Higher Instruction (CHI)—and advance your journey to explore various types of healing energy experiences. An extension of the Feng Shui School of Chicago, CHI was created to introduce and expand knowledge about alternative energy options.

CHI will offer an Energetic Gong Experience, with Joe Gerretse, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., September 17. Using his gong, Tibetan and crystal healing bowls, Gerretse will create the passage for a vibrational meditation that is felt on a cellular level. Participants will leave this class with a renewed energy and sense of balance in their lives. Fee is $18.

Upcoming CHI events will feature a lecture by Dr. Barbara Grace on October 29.

Location: Clubhouse Inn & Suites, 630 Pasquinelli, Westmont IL. For more information and registration call Laurie Pawli at 630-279-8870 or email LauriePawli@comcast.net.

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