Fenugreek Helps Balance Blood Sugar

Fenugreek is a plant that is grown for its seeds and leaves, which are commonly used in dishes from the Indian subcontinent. The plant has many nutritional benefits. It helps to balance blood sugar and hormone levels; attenuates inflammation; slows ageing due to its antioxidant properties; lowers cholesterol level; and increases breast milk production in lactating women.

Fenugreek Pancakes

Yields 6-8 pancakes

1 cup fresh fenugreek leaves
1 cup cream of wheat
   (alternative: gluten-free cream of wheat)
1 cup millet flour
   (alternative: gluten-free flour)
1 cup chick pea flour (alternative:
   gluten-free chickpea flour)
1 cup whole wheat flour
   (skip this for gluten-free pancakes)
1 Tbsp crushed green chili pepper
½ Tbsp salt
½ Tbsp turmeric powder
2½ cups water
1 Tbsp crushed garlic
1 handful cilantro

Fenugreek Pancakes RecipeBatter Directions:

Cut the fenugreek (only the leaves are needed) and wash it very well, even multiple times if necessary.

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly by hand to create batter-like consistency, and then stir well with a ladle.

Pancake Directions:

Spray a frying pan with extra virgin olive oil spray.

With the pan on medium heat, pour some of the batter on the pan to make a pancake of the desired size and flatten it with the back of the ladle.

When the batter starts rising/bubbling a bit, pour just a few drops of extra virgin olive oil on top and around the pancake, and then flip it on the other side and keep heating.

Sprinkle with another few drops of extra virgin olive oil and remove from the heat when the pancake looks ready. It takes just a couple of minutes or less to heat on both sides.

Repeat the process to use up the batter.

Serve hot, either alone or with some chutney or ketchup.

Recipe courtesy of Chef Kirti Sheth, of Arya Bhavan, Chicago’s only vegan, raw, gluten-free and organic Indian restaurant. Contact her at 773-274-5800
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