Adventures of a Bodyworker

Diane Roth

Diane Roth has been a bodyworker for 34 years. She explains that bodywork is a broad term for many different kinds of therapeutic touch, including therapeutic massage, shiatsu, CranioSacral Therapy and much more. “The main body of my work is Structural Integration (SI), sometimes known as Rolfing,” she says. SI realigns, rebalances and reeducates the body through manual therapy and movement education—it takes a global approach to the body.

         “Since bodies are three-dimensional, when your back hurts, the cause may be somewhere else,” notes Roth. “I look to see what is happening in your shoulders or legs that could be contributing. Our bodies have many layers, and many emotions and experiences. All of these things contribute to the pain you feel, the lack of movement and stress.”

        Roth explains. “In SI, I do something called body reading. My client will stand and walk in athletic clothes while I observe movement patterns and relationships between parts and layers. With this information and a client’s concerns, I can put together a session or series of sessions that will rebalance those relationships. This will provide better function, less pain and a feeling of ease.”

        Roth relates that she has learned a lot in 34 years as a practitioner, including continuing education and feedback from clients. “People are complicated and endlessly fascinating. We change and heal and balance at different rates, each with a unique style,” she states. “I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with people all these years and hope to keep practicing for years to come.”

Roth Structural Integration is located in Highland Park. For more information, call 847-533-3213 or visit


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