CyberScan Available at Kintsugi Wellness

Jill Briska, DC

Jill Briska, DC, owner of Kintsugi Wellness, in Lombard, offers U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved CyberScan technology to address many chronic health conditions. Briska opened her practice after experiencing the technology when resolving her own health crisis.

She says, “My face would mysteriously swell every time I ate. I spent years researching, testing, trying countless treatments and supplements, and I was down to three foods, still swollen, sick and desperate. I was introduced to quantum physics-based CyberScan by a biological dentist. Within days of starting my first treatment, my face was not swollen and it has never swollen again, despite eating anything I want.”

“Treatment begins with a 10-second scan, typically of the hand,” Briska says. “A full report of findings is then generated and the card is downloaded with your specific balancing frequencies. Gently over two weeks, up to 140 frequencies are rebalanced. I specialize in helping those that have tried everything without success.”

CyberScan technology merges Western and Eastern medicine, and is used in 29 countries for chronic health conditions such as allergies, autism, pain, depression, dementia, ADHD, Parkinson’s, addiction and even for pets. “CyberScan improves immune function by over 149 percent, as proven in laboratory experiments. In essence, you are activating your body to heal itself,” says Briska.

Location: 1263 S. Highland Ave., Ste. 1A, Lombard. For more information and appointments, call 630-412-1852 or visit




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CyberScan Available at Kintsugi Wellness

Jill Briska, DC, owner of Kintsugi Wellness, in Lombard, offers U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved CyberScan technology to address many chronic health conditions.

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