Maytawee and the Art of Healing


Born in Scotland, Maytawee was given the gift of storytelling. Her personal experiences on a 15-year pilgrimage to India, Brazil, Portugal, Cambodia, Bali and Thailand enriched her teachings based on time spent with Eckhart Tolle, Mooji and the master monks in Thailand. While living in a jungle temple in Thailand, her body, mind and soul were tested to extremes, adding a conscious shift in all that she offers. Maytawee now provides personalized healing sessions of Ajna Light Brainwave Wellness and Fast Track Release Emotional Intelligence to clear the body and recalibrate the brain back to harmony and balance.

       Maytawee is visiting the Chicago area this July, and will be offering workshops, classes and private healing sessions at several locations in Chicago, Evanston, Northbrook and Wheeling.

       Tolle has blessed Maytawee to offer Living in the Now workshops, in which she guides participants on an inner journey to discover the language of our ego/mind and the vibration of heart consciousness. Both are powerful and require us to live in the now. Techniques will be offered to deepen the polarity between mind and soul. Maytawee will also share stories about her time with Tolle.

       In the Mandala Sacred Movement Class, music accompanies an 11-layer inner emotional journey to discover the natural self in motion. Maytawee guides participants from meditation to a body release back to stillness, awakening the sacred freedom within. The body is recalibrated in oneness, and each group class offers unique intuitive channeled music. There are no movement rules, simply “be” to let go of pain and stress. Any and all physical abilities are welcome.

       A Tibetan Bowl Meditation and Reflection with Maytawee involves a guided meditation using the Tibetan singing bowls and breath to connect to the here and now to clear stress, frustration, recalibrate the body and harmonize the chakras.

       In the Fast Track Group Release, the group clears all limitations and blockages collectively held in the emotional and physical body. Once cleared, Maytawee teaches the group the unique technique of the sway test that allows for each individual to clear all restrictions and harmonize their body while integrating the soul to be able to feel a deeper peace and stillness.

       Ajna Light Therapy sessions use an innovative and highly effective brainwave training system via a five-LED flickering light system that holds the frequency of the sun. Ajna Light is designed to balance and recalibrate the brain wave patterning of beta, delta, gamma, theta and alpha. As a result, we experience a healthy functioning brain. Ajna Light communicates through activating the pineal gland, allowing the brain to naturally produce DMT.

Maytawee will be offering the perfect combination of Fast Track Release and Ajna Light Brainwave Wellness. For more information and to schedule individual appointments, visit See the Community Calendar for locations and times of upcoming classes and events. See ad on page 25.

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