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Exploring the Depths of Human Energy: An Interview with Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack (Part 2 of 2)

Aug 29, 2011 04:36PM ● By Michelene Bell

Jeff Primack

What is the most powerful Qigong exercise that you teach?

If there were only one technique I could share with the world, it would be the 9-Breath Method. The most powerful Qigong systems rely on breathing techniques to get their effects. Supreme Science Qigong uses a blend of movement, meditation and breathing techniques; however, it is highly focused on the breathing. Our transmission of this knowledge to the public is precise. Instruction of breathing is very specific and we provide all the important subtle details needed for success. When followed correctly, the 9-Breath Method is scientifically shown to change the condition of your blood.

Scientist Peter Blake has demonstrated that the 9-Breath Method has profound healing effects. Peter’s blood revealed clumped cells before doing any breathing techniques. After a 45-second round of 9-Breath Method, the blood was open and circulating. This shows how circulation and oxygenation of tissues is improving on the cellular level. With less than one minute of breathing, Blake changed his blood noticeably. It appears that God’s oxygen and qi are good to restore healthy blood.

What are some other effects of the 9-Breath Method?

During the technique, we hold our breath for a few seconds and this incredible energy warms up the abdomen. With further repetitions of breathing, this warmth turns into blissful electricity. It is hard to describe really, but you can’t be upset or angry when you feel it. It’s as if this “vibration” reminds us who we really are.

In the air dwells oxygen, qi or prana. When we learn Tumo Breathing, we can increase our body temperature and blood circulation on demand. When someone “lays hands” on another person while doing these breathing techniques, it sends a wave of healing qi into that person. Increasing qi and blood circulation will also indirectly help reverse many digestive problems, aches and pains, and promote a higher metabolism.

America’s healthcare system is in crisis and losing the war on many diseases. Do you think food-based healing will ever merge with Western medicine?

Imagine if hospital patients with cancer received an education about specific foods to eat to keep it from coming back. Imagine if hospital patients could practice yoga and Qigong in lush green gardens full of oxygen and qi. Meals could be prepared that increase the immune system and scrub the plaque out of the arteries. Sure, I believe it is possible for food healing and Western medicine to merge. In fact, it is likely. We can no longer afford the monetary cost of Western medicine.

Diabetes exploded in America from 1998-2008, with a 500 percent increase! I have guided hundreds of students to reverse Type-2 diabetes. It is an unnecessary disease, but medicine is running around looking for a cure. People just need to become educated about disease reversing protocols. Foods like bitter melon contain an insulin-like substance, equally potent as pharmaceutical insulin that millions of Americans take.

Foods like watermelon can reverse kidney stones naturally. There are time-proven food protocols to reverse the majority of diseases society is currently struggling with. Everyone knows that cancer has been reversed with food, but even viral counts from HIV-AIDS patients are being almost totally wiped out by coconut oil and other antiviral foods. There’s a real revolution about to happen, not only for qi, but also for the food. I see that healthcare will change profoundly when doctors of the future give food its correct status as healing medicine. This food education is part of our seminar.

Why are you making this seminar so affordable?

My life has been greatly enhanced using the food-healing knowledge and Qigong. During my training, I vowed to make Qigong accessible to the common people, yet be powerful enough for the trained expert. We feel compelled to make these energizing practices available to all of society, not just for people with thousands of extra dollars to spend on seminars. Money ideally should not be a factor in someone’s decision to learn Qigong healing methods. Our goal is to share it with millions of people.

My belief is that someday, breathing techniques will unite the world. They are more powerful than you think reading this now. When hundreds of people do them in synch, the “group energy” is one of the most profound oneness experiences imaginable. Energy and matter become merged in the breath. The implications for asthma, pulmonary therapy and stress management are beyond words. People simply need to try Qigong!

This is what drives me. I know that if I charge $99 for four days of Qigong training that every room we go to will be filled to capacity. I know that if I am teaching Qigong, I am being of highest service to humanity. Qigong going mainstream will have a profound benefit on the health of society.

Michelene Bell is the publisher of In Light Times magazine, in which this article first appeared. Jeff Primack is a Qigong teacher who has studied with many Qigong masters from all over the world and taught more than 25,000 people in live seminars.

Qi Revolution comes to Chicago’s McCormick Place September 24-27. Primack and 35 instructors will teach four days of Qigong training for $99. For tickets and information, call 1-800-298-8970 or visit