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How to Add a Calendar Event

INITIAL SETUP: Steps 1 & 2 for the initial setup are one-time only actions but must be completed first for your calendar events to be submitted properly. See the Initial Setup instructions if you are just getting started and haven’t setup your account.


(Initial setup of your account with user name and password must be completed to proceed.)

1.      Once you have logged in to your account: To submit your event, click Manage at the bottom of your page, and then click Event Submissions to access your events.

2.      You will now be on the page where all of your submitted events will reside. To submit a new event, click on the green box that says "+Add New Event"

3.      You will now be on the form to add an event listing. Use the form to submit both PRINT and ONLINE calendar listings. Complete the required information that is indicated by an *.

Title*: Name of your event

Subtitle: This is for online searches and shows as a subtitle to your online event only. Not required for print, nice for online marketing. Good to include keywords if you can.

Image: Photos will only show online, only so are optional. They will spruce up your online listing and show a photo with your event rather than a generic image.

Description*: This description field is for your online listing. TIP - Keep this online description handy, you will need to enter a short print description on the next page. We suggest you save to a file or do a copy/paste so you have it ready to go in your paste clipboard. The online description can be any length. Print description will be limited to 50 words entered/30 edited. You do not need to duplicate information in this description field that is in the other required* fields (e.g, phone, URL, etc).

Repetition field: Choose “no repeat” for a monthly event. Choose Daily/Weekly for an ongoing event. (If you have a multi-day event see note at the bottom of this page.). For recurring & multi-day events, choose 'Daily/Weekly' or 'Monthly' to see additional options and to be able to set different times for multi-day events. (Please note that at present, we are not able to use a different image for each day of a multi-day event; all days will include the same image.)

Date*: For a print submission the dates must be for the following month and submitted prior to the deadline or you will receive an error.

Time*: Choose date and times. If the minutes are 00, you don’t have to select that field. If there is no end time, check that box. If you have different times for different days, you can set those times as part of a multiple day listing.

Location*: IMPORTANT - Type in the location of your event and PLEASE WAIT for it to populate in the drop down (Your business location should appear). This is key – this step links your events to your business listing in our directory. If your location is not your business and doesn’t appear in the drop down that means it is not in our directory and YOU WILL NEED TO ADD IT. In this case, click “Add a location", fill in the information and save it. Then it will appear in the dropdown menu.

URL: Enter your website if you have one.

Phone: Enter the contact phone for the event if available.

Price*: Enter the cost of your event. Examples: Free. Donation accepted. $10 drop-in/Package 10 for $75. Adults: $25, kids free.

Category*: For most entries, the category will be Health & Wellness. This is an online only field and isn’t critical, just pick one.

Tags: Leave blank. This is not an SEO field and is for admin use.


4.      Select the option at the bottom of the page for your type of event. For print submissions choose: Events calendar (monthly), Ongoing calendar (weekly) or Save the Date (for in events future months. For online only events choose: “Free online event.”

5.     The next page will ask for your print description. This is where you want to “paste” from your clipboard the description from the previous page. Note: the online description from the first page can be any length. The print description is limited.

 6.      Your business has been set up with the appropriate number of “free events.” Apply your advertiser event freebies by checking “Apply to this order.”

If you have questions about your freebies, please let us know. You can purchase additional events at checkout.

Click here for more information on managing your events including accessing your profile with events history, editing and cloning events. Cloning is great for resubmitting events you have entered previously with new date and or changes changes.