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Free Food Preservation Class in Chicago - August 14

Jul 25, 2014 08:00AM ● By Megy Karydes

Photo Courtesy of Megy Karydes

Many of us wish we could bottle up all of this fresh and beautiful tasting produce to enjoy year round but don’t know how. If you’re interested in learning how to preserve foods by canning, dehydration, fermentation and other methods. Tim Heppner will be leading a FREE session at the Chicago Center for Green Technology (CCGT) on August 14, from 6-8 pm.

During Root Cellars to Refrigeration: Food Preservation 101, Heppner will outline each method’s pros and cons, discuss how long food will last while stored each way and describe what foods are best for each method.

In case you need a primer, reference our September (2012) issue which includes an article on simple ways to preserve and enjoy food year round.

Since the CCGT is focused on eco-friendly solutions, Heppner will also cover how much energy each method will use and provide recommendations on the greenest option.

Root Cellars to Refrigeration: Food Preservation 101 is a free event but registration is required. Click here to learn more about the Chicago Center for Green Technology and to register and mark August 14 on your calendar to attend.