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Back to School Means Learning New Skills for You

Aug 22, 2014 ● By Megy Karydes

Photo Courtesy of Megy Karydes

It’s back to school for many children throughout the Chicago area but that doesn’t mean adults can’t learn new things, too.

This week I took a class at the Chicago School of Shoemaking where the students learned basic leatherwork. One and a half hours later, we left with two completed projects. In two weeks, I’m going to start a 4-week class on weaving at The Chicago Weaving School with a friend.

One of the best things about living in a metropolitan area is that there are so many things do to from attending musical or theatrical performances to literary readings. Many of us may be familiar with jewelry or word working classes but there are classes and workshops on pretty much anything you can think of whether it’s perfecting that novel you’ve been writing for months to learning how to cook specific cuisines. 

With kids going back to school, why not consider taking a class as well? Even if you’re not writing a novel or working on something specific, taking a class in something you’ve never done is not only inspiring but you get to meet some wonderful people while learning a new skill. 

Anyone else want to join us for a weaving class next week?