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Making Luck: An Intentional Path to Good Fortune

Mar 31, 2020 ● By Carol Kline

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By its very definition, luck is random, capricious and based on chance rather than our own actions. Yet there is reason to believe that might not be the whole story—that living a charmed life and being lucky both in love and a chosen field is within our control. Recent research in the field of positive psychology and the experiences of consistently lucky people show that we can, and in fact already do make our own luck. Although there will always be an element of chance to luck—both good and bad—we have more influence over the events in our lives than we realize. This means a great deal of our luck can be changed, and quickly, with a little conscious attention.

The first step is changing our ideas about how luck works. Stanford University professor and luck expert Tina Seelig, Ph.D., explains that the key is “understanding that luck is rarely a lightning strike—isolated and dramatic—but a wind that blows constantly… You need to build a sail made up of certain tiny behaviors to catch the winds of luck.” Here are a few ideas and ways for us to get started in raising our sails and harnessing the winds of luck.

Believe it’s possible and commit to being lucky. This is called mindset. It may seem simplistic, but studies clearly show that people that believe they are lucky are more open to and aware of the opportunities that come their way and act upon them, which leads to a larger number of positive outcomes.

Become aware of our own negative conditioning about luck. Most of us have decided on an unconscious level how lucky we deserve to be. To turn our luck around often requires “lifting curses”; rooting out those limiting beliefs we’ve acquired along the way that become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Take bold action consistently. Think of action as a cosmic lottery ticket. The more actions we take, the more chances we have to win. To turbocharge this step, we must get out of our comfort zone; meet new people, change our daily routine and do things that stretch us. Fortune favors the bold.

Learn to listen to inner mental, emotional and physical promptings. Being true to our deepest values, priorities and intuitions, and staying centered in our bodies while we move through space, are the keys to being in the right place at the right time, a common definition of luck.

When we focus on the elements of luck that are within our control, chance becomes less important. Begin today and watch good fortune blossom.

Carol Kline is a New York Times bestselling author and the co-author of Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason, five books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and the upcoming Conscious Luck: Eight Secrets to Intentionally Change Your Fortune, with Gay Hendricks.