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VIDEO SERIES: Tips for These Times - with Erica Cody of Northwest Healing Center

How can we improve the quality of the air we breathe every day in our homes?
What role does air quality play in how we feel during allergy season?
As businesses start to gradually re-open and some of us go back to places of work, what can we do to freshen, clean and maintain air quality?
What other approaches can we take to maintaining our wellness right now?

Improving and maintaining indoor air quality is a key factor to maintaining our overall health and wellness. Keeping our lungs healthy and breathing at their optimal capacity helps to keep our immune systems functioning properly and promote wellness.

Erica Cody of Northwest Healing Center talks with Natural Awakenings Chicago publisher Peggy Malecki about why it is so important for us to improve our indoor air quality in our homes, offices and businesses as an overall approach to our health and wellness in this allergy season. Air quality is also of high importance while we are working from home as well as re-opening our businesses.

Erica Cody

Northwest Healing Center

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