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Annual Mycelium Mysteries Women’s Conference Goes Online This Year

Conference Presenter Cornelia Cho, M.D.

Mycelium Mysteries, a virtual women’s conference to be presented September 25, 26 and 27 by the Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference, is intended to provide inspiration and education about mushrooms for the health and healing of people and the planet. Workshops will be offered at the beginner through advanced levels on topics such as wild mushroom skills, fungal ecology, fungi and human health, and ethnomycology.

Fungi are the “grandmothers” of our ecosystems, silently shaping the soil. The conference aims to help modern women connect with the roles and wisdom of their female ancestors that maintained and shared their understanding of the role of the fungal world. This is the only women-run, women-taught, women-focused mushroom conference in the world. Midwest Women’s Herbal is committed to providing herbal education and opportunities for transformation, immersed in the Wise Woman Tradition.

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Instructor Roxanne Hanna talks about what she loves about mushrooms and Mycelium Mysteries Women's Mushroom Conference!