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Love Fur Dogs Offers Unique Skin-Focused Grooming Services

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

To help keep dogs, cats and other small mammal pets with skin conditions clean and healthy, Love Fur Dogs, in Glencoe, offers the unique Thera-Clean Microbubble process. Using only air and water, the machine generates billions of microscopic, negatively charged bubbles that clean deeply and gently to remove everything from dead skin cells and shedded hair to allergens, bacteria, fungus, yeast, skunk odors and other problems identified by pet owners and veterinarians.

Owner and Master Groomer Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins is a certified canine esthetician and skin care expert committed to the safety, health, well-being and comfort of each pet. Love Fur Dogs also offers low-cost weekly maintenance programs to keep homes free of hair and pets free of mats and tangles as well as products to aid in the grooming and upkeep of specific breed needs. Pets can be dropped off, and a pet taxi service is also available.

Bishop-Jenkins says that their technicians monitor six points of well-being—skin and coat, teeth and gums, ears, feet and nails, parasites, and the rear end—and report anything out of the ordinary that should be discussed with a veterinarian.


Location: 69 Green Bay Rd., Glencoe. For more information or to make appointments, call 847-588-3647 or visit