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Mindful Aromatherapy Bundles Available for the Holidays

Brittany Hogan, of Nefertem Holistic Skincare, offers an ideal way to support mindful living practices during these trying times by using handmade, aromatherapy-infused skincare and conscious intent. Three-piece bundles for relaxation, inspiration, purification and balance include all-natural soap, moisturizer and aroma spray. Bundles are also available in pre-wrapped gift sets which include three free gifts: a crystal, lip balm and eBook ($70 value) for $45.

For many, the holidays bring on anxiety and stress while trying to plan, shop, prepare and deliver gifts. Living in the moment, taking time to pause, breathe and reflect, becomes more important than ever.

Shop Small. Shop Local. For orders to arrive by the holidays, order at by Dec. 15. Daily inspiration to support conscious intent is available on Facebook.