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Heal n Cure’s New Vital Dose Adapts to Individual Biochemistry

Heal n Cure, in Glenview, has launched its newest product line, Vital Dose, a customized capsule-form combination of medicinal herbs, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids designed to promote good health. Medical director Meena Malhotra, M.D., says, “Patients fill out a detailed Journey to Wellness questionnaire, and based on that information and a consultation with our doctor, diagnostics are ordered. Because Vital Dose is formulated based upon a patient’s unique biochemistry, patients experience a targeted response and great tolerance. At Heal n Cure, we don’t guess, we test.”

For those with multiple chronic diseases ranging from diabetes to weight-loss challenges, Vital Dose is effective and safe, Malhotra adds. Benefits appear within one to three months.


Location: 2420 Ravine Way, Ste. 400, Glenview. For a consultation, call 847-686-4444. For more information, visit