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ADVENT, Not Your Average ENT


Everyone’s had a stuffy nose or been kept awake by snoring and many people suffer from these issues every day. Unfortunately, these concerns are often treated with Band-Aids that provide temporary relief, but never get to the root of the problem to deliver the relief you deserve.

ADVENT’s leading-edge model of care is dramatically different and more effective than the standard approach. A team of highly-trained medical professionals guide patients by determining the root of the problem through The Breathing Triangle® evaluation, in-office CT scans, at-home sleep studies, and presenting customized treatment plans, unique to each patient.

“I see so many patients who are frustrated with the ineffective treatment they have been provided by big healthcare systems,” states Dr. Madan Kandula, CEO and Founder of ADVENT. “The cycle stops here. We understand. We listen. We unlock your potential.”

Since 2004, ADVENT has pioneered simple in-office sinus and snoring solutions to help people break the cycle of ineffective healthcare, leaving the pharmacy aisle, nasal sprays, sleep aids and their frustrations behind. To better serve the demand of Chicagoans traveling out-of-state for treatment, ADVENT has opened four locations in the Chicago area since 2019 in The Loop, Oak Park, Northbrook and Vernon Hills.

Taking the first step in getting the answers you deserve has never been easier … insurance is accepted, no referral is required, and your first appointment can be completed virtually or in clinic.

Visit today for additional information and to schedule.