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A New Paradigm for Career Advancement and Purpose-Driven Employment

Jan 29, 2021 ● By Elysabeth Alfano

Bonnie Brown

The new recruitment platform PassionPlacement, created by Bonnie Brown and Paul Turcotte, taps into the growing demand for purpose-driven employment. It places mission-aligned hires in positions and industries from interns to volunteers, board members and CEOs at companies that make a difference for people, the planet and animals.

Brown, president and CFO, says, “Passion Placement grew out of my frustration as a financial professional looking to apply my own career skills to helping animals and improving life on the planet, only to find myself jumping from one site to another, back and forth, thinking there has got to be a better way. Those later in life are also looking at leaving a current position to begin living their purpose.”

Younger generations are also getting in on the game. Online recruiter WeSpire noted in a recent study that Gen Z is the first generation to prioritize purpose over money due to passion and desire to make a difference through work. The stress of COVID-19 and its ancillary environmental circumstances around the globe are forcing many to pivot in how they spend their workday.

Candidates are focusing on what is important to them for the future, including their health, how their food is sourced and putting an end to animal agriculture, a leading contributor to climate change. Many people are living through a chaotic time when they don’t feel in control of many things. Believing in the mission or purpose of a company makes them feel that their job will be important and that they can make a difference, even on a small scale.

It’s not only employees that benefit. Plant-based eating startup abillion founder Vikas Garg says, “We get really excited about folks that are mission-driven like us. Having that passion is like rocket fuel. It means you get through problems faster, find solutions faster, love your team more and it’s easier to form a bond and trust between the individual and the company.”

Brown and Turcotte are conducting free consultations to both companies and candidates through February at