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Recipe from a dairy-free kitchen ~ Dairy-Free Roasted Tomato Soup

Two bowls of rosted tomato soup with a side of toasted bread

Photo courtesy of Bonafide Provisions

3-4 lb cherry tomatoes

1 large onion, chopped into large chunks

4 fresh garlic cloves, peeled and left whole

3 Tbsp avocado oil

2 cups chicken bone broth or vegetable broth

Celtic sea salt

Ground black pepper

Olive oil for drizzling

Fresh basil, thyme or oregano for garnish


Preheat oven to 425° F.

Wash tomatoes and dry with paper towel, then place on parchment-lined baking sheet. Add onion and whole garlic cloves to pan, then drizzle with avocado oil, sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

Move pan around to make sure all tomatoes, onion and garlic are coated with oil. Place in oven to roast for 45 minutes.

While tomatoes are roasting, place 2 cups of bone broth on the stove and heat, then set aside.

Once tomatoes are done, carefully pick up the sides of the parchment paper and dump the roasted vegetables into a high-powered blender, making sure every last bit of juice is added.

Blend on low and slowly start to add in the broth until you’ve reached the desired consistency.

Once done, pour soup into a stainless steel pan over medium heat, and make sure it’s heated to your liking. Add more Celtic sea salt and fresh ground pepper as needed.

Pour into bowls and drizzle olive oil over top; add garnishes as desired.

Recipe courtesy of Bonafide Provisions, located in San Diego. Visit