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Susan Curry Accepting New Clients in Park Ridge

Headshot of Susan Curry of InteriorWerx

Susan Curry

InteriorWerx with Susan Curry is dedicated to reading and clearing energy in the body, creating solutions for anxiety, pain, confusion, sadness and health disorders. She is now seeing clients at the office of Mossell Holistic, in Park Ridge.

Curry says that experiencing session work in-person is advisable in the beginning of a solution reading. This association also allows clients to receive optional chiropractic care, massage therapy and nutritional advice while at the Mossell office.

InteriorWerx with Susan Curry is a whole-being wellness company that focuses on the bettering of individuals, their lives and experiences, starting from within. They can help in such areas as career coaching to anger management and holistic life coaching.
Location: 1420 Renaissance Dr., Ste. 411. For more information or to obtain a spring check-up review, visit and use promo code MYFIRSTSESSION.