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Tool Library Provides Level Playing Field for Chicago Gardeners

Chicago Tool Library logo

The Chicago Tool Library, a community nonprofit organization with a mission to provide equitable access to tools, equipment and information to allow all Chicagoans to learn, share and create, is open for the spring season. They even have a large collection of free vegetable, herb, fruit and flower seeds. Members must be at least 18 years old and a resident of Chicago; fill out a basic application form; and choose an annual payment for the first year.

They note that having the space to store tool collections is a luxury most city dwellers cannot afford. Becoming a member of a tool library provides access to thousands of tools without needing to store them at home. Purchasing and maintaining tools is expensive, but borrowing them is not. Memberships are priced on a sliding scale to ensure everyone is able to access these resources. The tool library is also a space for learning, as well as sharing questions, problems and solutions with the growing community, with access to a growing library of practical information.

Location: 1048 W. 37th St., Ste.102, Chicago. For more information, call 773-242-0923 or visit