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Erica Cody - 2021 Women in Wellness

Erica Cody, Northwest Healing Center, Barrington

Photo by Karen Kring (Chicago Botanic Garden, Glencoe, IL)

Certified Thermographer and Herbal Alternative Medicine Practitioner Erica Cody offers women a full mind/body healing experience to help identify body dysfunctions and health issues before they become a medical emergency. Through non-invasive, pain-free thermography and body scans, she helps clients evaluate if the course of action they have chosen is working or if it may be time to go in a new treatment direction.

Erica transitioned from an engineering career to healthcare when she started as a patient liaison in her family's chiropractic practice. Through her personal healing journey, she learned the benefits of maintaining optimal health and in 2015 founded her practice, now called Northwest Healing Center, located in Lake Barrington.

Erica and her team take an engineering approach when seeking out the root cause of patients’ health issues through baseline and over-time monitoring. “When a woman notices a change in her breasts, thermography can help sort out the cause of that change safely,” shares Erica. “We are able to identify if the change is hormonal, cyst or suspicious for developing malignant breast disease. This helps my patients avoid unnecessary scans and testing, while also bringing peace of mind and better healthcare decisions.”

“My philosophy is for you to start at the least invasive screening for your wellness, as uncertainty and worry can take from your health, sometimes even more than what the actual issues are ,” she explains.

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22000 N. Pepper Road, Lake Barrington, IL 60010
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Photo by Karen Kring Chicago Botanic Garden Glencoe IL

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