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Susan Curry - 2021 Women in Wellness

Susan Curry, InteriorWerx

Photo by Karen Kring (Evanston, IL)

Susan Curry is the creator and facilitator of InteriorWerx, a unique wellness modality that focuses on releasing various physical pains, diseases and emotional distress in a non-invasive way. She strongly believes in the natural way that life’s uncomfortable issues can be resolved quickly using the power of energy and intuitive analytics. Her coaching approach reorganizes energy, locating the root cause to achieve the goal of comfort in the mind and body.

 Susan has a curiosity about human performance, health, quantum energy, higher consciousness and emotional releases, and strives to learn from people that have achieved optimum health. Her interest was inspired by her upbringing. Raised by a Naval Intelligence Officer and University Acquisitions Librarian, good service, fine conduct and intelligence were considered the norm. Her upbringing offered positive examples of individuals who achieved optimal health and goal accomplishment, sparking a life-long interest in human psychology. Later studies at a prominent forensic psychiatrist’s practice convinced her to pursue energetic work as a career.

“Emotions are at the root of all issues. Everything begins with an emotional frequency or agreement. When operating from this premise, the art of healing is more complete because the root is ‘pulled’ and transformed,” Susan explains.

Susan is the mother of two adult children with whom she shared the gift of energy healing throughout their childhood. She is building a health and wellness resort in the Arizona mountains called Triple H Ranch.

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To watch the video podcast interview:
Photo by Karen Kring Evanston IL

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