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Karyn Pettigrew - 2021 Women in Wellness

Karyn Pettigrew, Beyond Blind Spots, ZoeGoes

Photo by Karen Kring (Chicago Botanic Garden, Glencoe, IL)

Karyn Pettigrew has inspired and transformed dozens of businesses and thousands of lives internationally. Jamaican-American born and raised in Chicago, she has always lived a life of diverse interests and experiences. Using her intuition and more than 20 years of corporate marketing and entrepreneurial experience, she developed a proprietary process called the Soul’s Code to Business. Her methodology guides passionate, creative leaders to clearly articulate and leverage their unique strengths to create ideal positioning and highly sought-after businesses. Finding and creating a process for optimizing the energetic link between the entrepreneur and their businesses has been ground-breaking for her.

In March of 2020, using the Soul Code process, she launched the sustainable travel clothing brand for women called ZoeGoes. The six pieces in the collection create more than 10 days of no-repeat, easy-care outfits.

Pettigrew encourages her clients to see their businesses as a physical manifestation of who they are. “We must honor the idea that we all deserve to be alive on the planet and that we have a contribution to make, even if it does not manifest in traditional ways. What that means is to honor, nurture and celebrate each other, as we are,” she explains.

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